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AC Wealth

a financial planning boutique firm based in Toronto, Canada since 2000, which specializes in providing holistic financial planning service to individuals, families, and business owners. 


Pegasi Private Wealth

a wealth advisory boutique based in Toronto that specializes in investments for private clients.  We specialize in wealth advisory, investment planning, retirement planning, and estate planning.




本群組宗旨在於給現居住或打算移居多倫多(及大多倫多地區)的香港人分享金融資訊 ,互相交流 ,集思廣益。題材包括投資 ,稅務 ,銀行服務 ,保險,按揭及貸款,退休金及社會福利。為確保質素,本群組正籌備成立專業小組,致力為大家解答金融財務上的問題及提供資訊。其他會員身份的專業人仕均可提供資訊及解答疑難。

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