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The Maple Couple

Officially partner with schools in various provinces across Canada,

and to provide free-of-charge school admission consultation.

​We have served more than 2,000 international students from various Asian countries.

  • The Maple Couple was established in 2020 with Facebook Page and a YouTube channel of more than 10,000 supporters , and there are more than 10,000 members on this website.

  • As CCEA - Canada Course Graduate Canadian registered education consultant, The Maple Couple is committed to providing comprehensive Canadian study services for students from all over the world. We are official partner of some of the largest public colleges in Canada. These institutions provide more than 500 courses and we have successfully assisted more than 2,000 students to start their study in Canada.

  • The Maple Couple is the "NO.1 RECRUITER OF HONG KONG MARKET" of several public colleges, including Centennial College, Humber College, George Brown College, Camosun College and  Vancouver Community College ; We are also "THE FASTEST- GROWING RECRUITER IN HONG KONG" of the SAIT in Calgary.

  • In 2022, we were invited to publish a book about study life and experiences of our 2,000 international students in Canada. The book is available at major bookstores in Hong Kong and Taiwan.


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Why Choose The Maple Couple for Canadian Immigration?

We have assisted over 2,000 Hong Kongers in immigrating to Canada through enrolling in the Stream A programs, and we have provided support to all Hong Kong immigrants in Canada through The Maple Couple Alumni Association!

Free of Charge

We don't charge you any fees but on behalf of the schools. As a licensed consultant under CCEA - Canada Course Graduate, we will suggest the best courses based on your educational background and work experience, by leveraging our strong network and partnerships with schools to help you obtain the offer of admission as quickly as possible.

Strong Support from The Maple Couple Alumni Association 

Exclusive Rewards and Support via both WhatsApp & Signal Chat Groups for Alumni Association Members, helping you connect with fellow students from the same school and program before your departure to Canada.

Various Forms of Support for Canada's Life

The Maple Couple Alumni Association possess a strong network of partnerships, providing multifaceted support throughout the entire process, especially in areas such as shared accommodation and employment opportunities.


Looking back, it's been a year already. A few years ago, I was at a dead end, wanting to go abroad but not knowing where to start. Then, Canada introduced the "Hong Kong Pathway" Program but I was unfamiliar with Stream A and Stream B. I wondered, "Is it feasible? How should I start? What documents should I prepare? How do I write a study plan?" While researching online, I came across The Maple Couple. I saw the experiences that people shared many agents charged fees ranging from thousands to tens thousands of dollars. However, The Maple Couple had a unique approach: no fees if unsuccessful, and no fees even if successful!

I ultimately decided to go with them for the application. At the beginning, they guided me on what documents to prepare and how to create an account on IRCC to upload documents. Whenever I had questions, they patiently provided detailed answers. When The Maple Couple informed me that I had been accepted by college, another angel, The Maple Couple - Admin Assistant KAT, appeared. She added me to different chat groups, which are based on the colleges. These groups brought students from diverse backgrounds, which create a sense of unity and enable us to share information with each other.

KAT, just like a caring mother, guided me through various stages, from taking the placement test, registering for courses, paying tuition fees, to applying for a bank account, finding accommodation, and even buying groceries at a good price. As I joined in these different groups, I gradually learned how to adapt to life in Canada. It's already been a year since I applied for my study permit. My family and I have adapted reasonably well, and I am truly grateful to The Maple Couple and KAT. Thank you so much!

Candy Ma

Facing the sudden decision to leave Hong Kong and choose a course in Canada, I felt lost after leaving my school bag behind for several years.

The Maple Couple assisted me in finding a suitable program among vairous options, sparing the time on searching for information online by myself. From making the decision to arrive in Canada, it was actually only half a year. The time was really tight, and there were many matters need to deal with before leaving Hong Kong. With The Maple Couple handling the enrolment process with college, I believe that students who enrolled through them would also have a relieved smile on their faces.

I sincerely thank The Maple Couple for establishing the "Alumni Association," which brought together students going to the same destination and studying in similar fields, preventing us from feeling isolated in a foreign country. On this platform, fellow students share information about life in Canada after arrival. I never thought that I could adapt and enjoy life in Canada so quickly. I hope you can step out of your comfort zone as well. With a group of fellow travelers by your side, the journey, in fact, is not that difficult.


My partner and I chose The Maple Couple as our consultants when applying to Canadian colleges, and our overall experience was highly satisfactory. Their service was professional and attentive, helping us completed the application process smoothly.

Firstly, they provided comprehensive information about colleges and guided us in selecting the right school and program. Secondly, they assisted us in preparing all the required application documents, including helping us fill out application forms and offering valuable visa application advice, ensuring that we successfully obtained our Canadian student visas. Lastly, they provided ample attention and support throughout the application process, addressing our questions and concerns.

We are very grateful for the professionalism and dedication of The Maple Couple team and would recommend them to students who are interested in applying to Canadian colleges.

Fly Gor

I am a Hong Kong people, living in a turbulent period. Your kindness, caring, and assistance have made me feel warmed and compassionated even in a distant place far from my home country. When I first contacted you, I was nervous and unsure. However, your friendliness and passion quickly put me at ease. Every word you said and every action you took showed your support and care for me. Even I have come to Canada, you have been there with me and organized regular gatherings. Your abundant care and support have made me feel the true essence of friendship.

I would like to express special gratitude for your understanding of my situation in Hong Kong. You understand the stress and uncertainty that everyone is facing there. Your support and assistance have allowed many of us to come to Canada with peace of mind. You patiently listened to my concerns, answered countless strange questions, understood my circumstances and needs, helped me selected the right program, and quickly prepared the necessary documents. Your professional knowledge and rich experience have provided me with invaluable help, enabling me to successfully enter Centennial College.

Except the assistance during the application process, I would also like to thank Kat Mom for her care and support. Every time you see me, you inquire about my well-being and show genuine caring, making me feel so warm. During the times when I felt lost and unsure, your support and encouragement empowered me to become a better version of myself in Canada, allowing me to continue to grow and progress on life's journey.

In The Maple Couple and Katherine, I have seen the kindness of humanity. Your goodness, empathy, and warmth have enriched my life in Canada. I will forever be grateful for your help and care, as well as your kindness and compassion toward me. Your efforts have made me become a stronger and more confident individual. I will continue to work hard in Canada to make your contributions even more valuable.

School and Institutional Collaborative Partners

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